Room Draw Information and Dates

Past Room Draw Photo

Thursday, March 27th, Room draw will be held in the Orton Center as follows: 

Rising Seniors - 5:00 p.m.
Rising Juniors – 5:30 p.m.
Rising Sophomores – 6:00 p.m.

Class levels are designated as follows: 
Rising Sophomore: Less than 48 units
Second Semester Sophomore: Between 48-63 units
Rising Junior; Between 64-79 units
Second Semester Junior: Between 80-95 units
Rising Senior: Between 96-111 units
Second Semester Senior: 112 unites and above 

|**Random # priority with semester unit total in each class

Please see information sent to your mailboxes on March 25th for your lottery number and time. 

Room Draw allows students who will be living in certain traditional residence hall communities to choose their room for the following academic year. Room Draw is only for Anderson, Cal-Founders, Cortner, Grossmont, and Melrose Halls. All other communities will have been decided by this time. There is no need to attend Room Draw if you have received your placement already for one of the following:
Squatter or Rooming with a Squatter
Johnston Complex
Themed Communities (Brockton Transfer, Merriam, Fairmont, Anderson Music, North)
Off-Campus Approved (previously. Students who want to apply for off campus for the upcoming year should still attend Room Draw, as off campus petitions are not decided until April.) 

Additional information for Room Draw

On-campus students will receive lottery letters in their mailboxes approximately two days prior to Room Draw. This letter will contain your randomly assigned Room Draw number. This number determines when you will have your opportunity to go through the room draw process at your assigned time.

If you currently live off campus and would like to live on campus for Fall please contact the Student Life Office prior to Room Draw to secure a lottery number.

The majority of rooms on campus are double and triple rooms, but a few quads are available. Be sure to look around to see what’s out there in plenty of time. Check out the online floor plans.

During Room Draw, students will be called by their numbers to select their rooms. While waiting pay attention to the rooms that are available so you’ll be prepared for your turn. After selecting an available room, students will verify their selection thereby completing the Room Draw Process!

Tips on getting through Room Draw 

You’ll need to select a representative from your group who will take Room Draw Lottery Letters for ALL ROOMMATES/SUITEMATES to the event and select the room for your group. The lowest number of the group can be used. Remember only your representative will be allowed to enter the room where room selection takes place, although others may accompany the representative to the Room Draw event if they so choose.

Students are strongly advised to select roommates prior to Room Draw! If you choose to go through the selection process without a roommate, you will be randomly assigned a roommate. Remember too, that Student Life reserves the right to move students who have no roommate by the end of Room Draw for the purposes of consolidation.

If you did not get the placement you were hoping for, you will be able to sign up on waiting lists available at Room Draw. You will be contacted if openings become available.

If you are representing an individual due to absence of said student you may not go through Room Draw for yourself using their number. Unless of course the person you are representing happens to be your roommate/suitemate and their number is the lowest. (Lists of lottery numbers will be available at Room Draw)

Johnston Room Draw is held @ 4pm on Tuesday, March 18th in Holt Hall. Students interested in living on complex must attend the Johnston Room Draw. If you are not an academically Johnston student or already a Johnston community member, you must contact in advance. 

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