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Room Draw Information and Dates


All housing selection takes place online in our Student Life portal, located on myRedlands. To learn more about the process and view tutorials about the system, visit the Housing Selection and Placement Process

Rising Seniors - Tuesday, March 29
Rising Juniors – Wednesday, March 30
Rising Sophomores – Thursday, March 31

Class levels are designated as follows: 
Rising Sophomore: Less than 48 units
Second Semester Sophomore: Between 48-63 units
Rising Junior; Between 64-79 units
Second Semester Junior: Between 80-95 units
Rising Senior: Between 96-111 units
Second Semester Senior: 112 unites and above 

**Random times will be assigned within the semester unit total in each class

Please see information sent to your Redlands email by March 25th for your exact selection time. 

Room Draw allows students who will be living in certain traditional residence hall communities to choose their room for the following academic year. Room Draw is only for Anderson, Cal-Founders, Cortner, Grossmont, and Melrose Halls. All other communities will have been decided by this time. There is no need to attend Room Draw if you have received your placement already for one of the following:

Johnston Complex
Themed Communities (Brockton Transfer, Merriam, Fairmont, Anderson Music, North)
Prior Off Campus Approved  (Students who have not yet been approved to live off campus for the upcoming year  should still participate in Room Draw.) 

Additional information for Room Draw

On campus students will receive lottery letters in their Redlands emails approximately two days prior to Room Draw. This letter will contain your randomly assigned room selection time, which determines when you will have your opportunity to go through the room draw process. Similar to class registration, you will be able to log into the Housing Director in advance, but you will not be able to select your room until the time provided in your letter. 

The majority of rooms on campus are double and triple rooms, but a few quads are available. Be sure to look around to see what’s out there in plenty of time. Check out the online floor plans. Halls will also be open on March 8 from 9 to 10 p.m. so that you can visit places you have never seen. 

When your Room Draw time arrives, you will be able to view available spaces in the Student Life portal and make your selection. All of this will take place online and from wherever you are. 

The roommate/suitemate in your group who receives the earliest selection time can choose for your whole group as long as you are all matched as roommates/suitemates in the portal. Please note that you will only be able to see spaces that are remaining and can accommodate your entire group. If you see limited options, it may mean that you need to split your group (for example, no full suites remain in Founders so you see nothing in Founders for your group of 4. If you separate into 2 groups of 2, you may find double rooms open in Founders where the suite has already been taken.)  

Students are strongly advised to select roommates prior to their designated Room Draw time! If you choose to go through the selection process without a roommate, you will be randomly assigned a roommate. Also pay close attention to the person who is already in a room that you select. The system will not block you from selecting a roommate of the opposite gender, so do not select that unless you have discussed it with those people in advance. Remember too, that Student Life reserves the right to move students who have no roommate by the end of Room Draw for the purposes of consolidation.

If you did not get the placement you were hoping for, there is a Waiting List available under Applications in the portal. Feel free to add yourself, but make sure to only select options that you prefer to the space you selected. You can go back into the Student Life portal at any time between your Room Draw time and July 31 to update your Waiting List or remove yourself. 

Johnston Room Draw is held at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, March 29 in Holt Hall. Students interested in living on complex must attend the Johnston Room Draw. If you are not an academically Johnston student or already a Johnston community member, you must contact in advance. 


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