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Johnston Center for Integrative Studies

Johnston Center

Learning should be a collaboration between you and your professor. That’s the central premise on which we built the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, our flagship Center of Distinction and one of our hallmark undergraduate programs.

Born of the turbulent 1960s and driven by a desire to tear down the hierarchical walls of higher education, Johnston quickly established itself as one of the premier alternative colleges in the country.

Back then, it was considered a radical visionthe notion that you should have the authority to chart your own educational course rather than adhere to a pre-determined set of requirements.

Radical or not, the vision has worked. Now 40 years strong, Johnston continues to attract passionate and dedicated self-starters who want to map their own educational paths.

As a Johnston student, you'll design your own major, forgo traditional grades and forge graduation contracts with your professors and fellow students. As a Johnston student, you will live among your peers, participate in community-based decision making and, along the way, develop a platform of equality with your professors and colleagues.

Is Johnston right for everyone? No, and that’s by design. Johnston is for inquisitive students who can handle the immense responsibility of controlling their own education.

Housed within the College of Arts and Sciences, Johnston is the purest form of our commitment to offering a living-learning environment and challenging you to embrace an elevated educational experience.

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