Centers of Distinction

School of Music

School of Music

Do you remember the first time you heard a piece of music that made you hold your breath and close your eyes until the very last note?

At the University of Redlands, we believe that all truly great performances go beyond technical mastery. It's about great performance informed by a rich sense of history, culture and art. We seek to educate the whole musician, not just to train the performer.

That is why our School of Music is our most celebrated Center of Distinction. We are one of the oldest accredited music programs in California—a program so much a part of Redlands history that more than half of our original University faculty members were professors of music.

We value the personal touch. Our classes are small enough for you to receive individualized attention. But our program is large enough to offer you a wide breadth of courses and performance opportunities with a conservatory approach.

The University has a long tradition of encouraging and supporting study abroad.

More than 47 percent of Redlands undergraduates participate in study abroad programs.

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