Bulldog Cam

Bulldog Cam

Mounted high above the Hunsaker University Center, the Bulldog Cam is capable of capturing a wide sweep of campus landmarks, from Armacost Library to Currier Gymnasium. You can individually control the camera’s movements for two minutes at a time by following these steps:

Taking control of the camera

camera control button  Click the Start Control button  to take control of the camera. If someone else is controlling the camera, clicking the button adds you to the queue.
camera status-timer  The status bar  counts down from two minutes when you are in control of the camera.
 in queue If you are in the queue, the status bar does not display the clock and counts down the time remaining for another user.

Using the camera

 target box Click and drag the yellow target box  to point the camera in a different direction.  
 preset menu Choose a Preset view from the pull-down menu below the camera to get a view of the Library, Currier Gym or the Clock Tower. Home is the default view.
 zoom in control    zoom out button Click the Zoom in  button  or Zoom out button  as desired.
reconnect button To reset the view, you can click the reconnect button  above the camera or choose Home from the Preset menu.
backlight control Click the backlight button to toggle backlighting on and off.
pause camera Click the pause button to freeze the view.
info icon The information bar displays tool tips and camera position.