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Mapping Holocaust survivors’ journeys

Non-traditional approach helps students understand the scope and impact of history

Students in the University of Redlands English course called Representing the Holocaust use mapping technology to retell stories of systematic persecution, courage, and resilience shared by those who survived one of history’s most horrific genocides.

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Welcome to Palau

You wake up and find yourself 7,000 miles from Redlands. You have crossed the International Date Line and lost an entire day. You have jet lag and the struggle is real. Welcome to your first morning of a May Term class called Palau Expedition—one of many unique adventures open to University of Redlands students.

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Mathematics anxiety: a timeless epidemic

It is not uncommon to hear mathematics described as boring, difficult, abstract, confusing, or irrelevant. Coupled with worry, discomfort, and other negative views toward numbers, these feelings could be attributed to mathematics anxiety.

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Bringing together math and art in Salzburg: an interview with Professor Joanna Bieri

Over the past 58 years, more than 3,000 University of Redlands students have studied in Salzburg, Austria. Students reside in the Marketenderschlössl, a nearly 500-year-old Renaissance building set among forests and meadows overlooking the ancient heart of Salzburg and the snow-capped peaks of the Austrian and Bavarian Alps in the distance.

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What are your odds? Women speak on life in entertainment industry

The program accurately called the discussion “a 21st-century conversation.”

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New major offers multifaceted perspective on health and healthcare

James Krueger, philosophy professor and director of the program, chatted with Mika Elizabeth Ono and Katie Olson of U of R’s Bulldog Blog about what distinguishes the major from pre-med studies, how it can satisfy a range of student interests, and the need for a broad-based approach to the field of medicine.

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A different kind of homecoming for Ben Wyeth

Ben Wyeth ’05, Bulldog and frontman for indie rock band Hockey, debuts his new band, Brand.

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Happy Valentine’s Day music playlist

Happy Valentine’s Day, Bulldogs! As the holiday of love nears, we wanted to give you a sonic valentine.

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Business major embraces Greek life at the U of R

A business administration major and spatial studies minor, Bayer became involved in the Greek community on campus during her sophomore year by joining Beta Lambda. 

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