Student Employment

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for students to learn outside of the classroom and participate in meaningful part-time employment on or off campus. Students will gain "real world" experience in preparation for the job market and will develop relevant and transferable skills in pursuit of future careers.

Student Employees of the Year

Alison Castaneda
Student Employee of  the Year, 2017

Alison noted that the skills she obtained as a student employee has been rewarding. She was able to balance work, school and personal life. She indicates, “The real world experience that I have gained from working in the Enrollment Management Office has taught me to value not just the work but also the money that I earn. I appreciate the experience and everything I learned from my student employment experience.”

Selena Iriarte
Student Employee of the Year nominee, 2017

Selena worked as a Sports Assistant in the Physical Education department. When asked about the most meaningful part of her experience she said, “The relationships that were built between my supervisors and co-workers that have been established for years. It is their care and willingness to work with any situation I needed help with.”

Leah Smith
Student Employee of the Year, 2017

Leah served as the Director of Jasper’s Corner Homework Program and noted that she had a truly positive experience as a student employee. In Leah’s words, “I think what I appreciate most is the connection it gave me to the University. I will forever be able to say that I not only attended the school, but I contributed to one of the many programs that benefits the students and community members alike. Working as a Jasper’s Corner Student Director has given me so much inspiration towards my career goals as a math teacher. I now have hands on experience in working with K-12 in the Inland Empire as well as coordinating schedules, communicating with parents, and having a leadership position that has let me thrive here at the U of R.”