Tuition and Scholarships

International Student Scholarship

International students may be eligible for a 15% discount in tuition to help defray the cost of travel to the United States. Please contact us for more details.

Management Innovation Scholarship

Students admitted to the Master of Arts in Management program are eligible for a 10% discount on all courses. Please click here to learn more. 

Estimated Tuition Costs 2017-2018

  Units Months to Completion Cost per Credit Tuition/Fee Total Tuition/Fee Total with International Scholarship

Master of Business Administration 

(for domestic students with an undergrad degree in business)

36 10 or 18 $830 $30,345 $26,163
Master of Business Administration  48 12 or 24 $830 $40,410 $35,219
Master of Arts in Management 36 18 $813 $29,733 $25,651
Master of Science in Information Technology 48 12 or 24 $830 $40,410 $35,219

 All information is subject to change.