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Recent School of Music Graduates Share Their Stories

University of Redlands is really one of a kind. I am forever grateful for the constantsupport and encouragement that I got from the dedicated professors. The diverse learning environment at the School of Music has allowed me to gain a deeperunderstanding and greater passion for music. From performing with the Redlands Symphony Orchestra to attending the opera at the State Opera House in Vienna, Austria, I value these experiences tremendously as without it, I would not be the same person today.

The University of Redlands School of Music helped me reach my goal and dreams to join a professional orchestra. This was fulfilled when I became an official member during my second year of the School's Master program. Their program provides an opportunity for students to audition for the Redlands Orchestra. The audition process is professionally conducted and prepares you for other professional auditions. Faculty are very helpful and supportive to students. Also, competition and high standard within the School prepares you to perform as a soloist with any professional orchestra like the Redlands Orchestra. My experience as a soloist preparing for and performing with the Redlands Orchestra was absolutely incredible, and gave my career direction and focus.

Being at Redlands helped me to discover an even deeper passion for music and also promoted self growth throughout my time at Redlands.

I am very grateful to Redlands' attentive, caring faculty for enabling me to get an education in music that went far beyond the core classes. The personal attention I received was invaluable in preparing me for the challenges of graduate school and the professional music world.

The faculty, staff, and fellow students at Redlands supported me in every way possible and gave me all the attention I could ask for. The experience, musical and social, will forever be a foundation to my present and future success as an artist. The University of Redlands and the School of Music provide a truly personal education in which you develop great maturity as a person as well as a musician.

My education from Redlands was tailored for my goals and career aspirations. Supportive faculty encouraged me to take advantage of so many opportunities like studying abroad, earning my credential, being a student athlete, and directing a cappella choirs. I also worked to perfect my craft in private lessons and was able to perform around the world in University ensembles.

I am truly indebted to the University of Redlands music faculty for all of their support. Not only did I receive a first-rate education during my time there, but their mentorship and encouragement has continued beyond graduation. The University has prepared me for both my activities as a professional musician, as well as for my continued academic pursuits.

Redlands gave me a great place to grow musically and as an individual. Everyone is extremely supportive and I know that I made personal connections that will last a lifetime.

My music education at the University of Redlands was immeasurable. I owe much of my success to the professors and experiences I had in those four years.

The University of Redlands provided me with opportunities that I would have not had anywhere else. The ability to closely work with the professors inside and outside the classroom was a huge advantage, and I received an abundance of one-on-one time with whoever I needed. Being able to play with faculty in the showcases, the brass quintet, and the Redlands Symphony were all things that would have not been an option for me at any other school.

During my time at Redlands, the individual attention from faculty, engaging coursework, and opportunities for collaborative musical experiences were just a few of the benefits as a student. As a conducting major, I received substantial podium time on a consistent basis with top ensembles in the School of Music, and in the process I was able to grow as a musician, a leader, and as a person.

The excellent faculty and the tight community at the University of Redlands helped provide me with a solid foundation with which to begin my musical endeavors.

Redlands was a place for me to find my passion for the instrument and performance. The small community allowed me to form strong relationships with fellow students and faculty members. I was in constant contact with faculty so it was always easy to get helpful, reliable feedback during my time as an undergraduate.

My professors and peers at Redlands were engaging, critical and ardent in my musical education. I have created a lifetime bond with these individuals who will always hold a place in my future musical endeavors.

All of my teachers genuinely cared about my growth as a musician. The "extra mile" that they put in made all the difference in my education.

The University of Redlands gave me the opportunity to customize my college education to develop my unique abilities and talents. With the help of dedicated faculty, encouraging advisors, and supportive peers, I accomplished my goal of obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in music as well as biology.

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The University softball field was modeled after the one in "Field of Dreams."

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