Fast Facts

  • The School of Music offers a conservatory approach in a liberal arts setting and is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.
  • We offer undergraduate programs in Performance, Composition and Music Education and graduate programs in Performance, Composition, and Conducting.
  • Our Music Education program is fully approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.
  • Our highly qualified faculty teaches all of our courses. Our graduate assistants do not teach classes.
  • Excellent studio teachers for all instruments.


Equipment available:

  • 29 grand pianos
  • 22 upright pianos
  • 3 pipe organs
  • 1 electronic practice organ
  • 4 harpsichords
  • 2 clavichords
  • 3 pedal harps
  • Digital recording studio
  • Dedicated rooms for harp, bass, percussion and double reeds

Tuition (2015-16)


Tuition  $44,550
Room & Board (Double occupancy, standard meal plan)  $13,090
Associated Student Fee  $350
Matriculation Fee (one-time fee)  $150
Books and Supplies (estimate)  $1,764
Medical Insurance (optional)  $1,540

Graduates, Masters in Music, Artist Diploma

Tuition  $968 per unit
Fees   $86 per semester

Additional Fees and Charges may apply depending on program requirements

For more information, download the School of Music Student Handbook.

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