The Major in Music Education

Student playing flute

The Graduate Program of the School of Music at the University of Redlands offers a Master of Music degree in Music Education with options for individualized study in band, choir, orchestra, and elementary. The program is designed for the student with a Bachelor of Music degree who wishes further study, and for the teaching practitioner in K-12 who is returning for a graduate degree. Graduate students have opportunities to study with world-class artist-teachers and to perform in a wide range of ensembles. Coursework in the School of Music is combined with School of Education graduate coursework to provide integrated exposure to research and practice in Education.

A three year program is also available for students with a Bachelor's degree in music education but who have not earned a credential.

The music education degree requires 32 credits distributed as follows:

  • MUS 600 Graduate Studies in Music Scholarship and Analysis—4 credits
  • MUS 652 Foundations of Music Education—4 credits
  • MUS 635 Research in Music Education—4 Credits
  • MUS 658 Psychology of Music—4 credits
  • Applied studies—4 credits
    Note: Two semesters of applied studies are required.
  • Music Electives— 8 - 10 credits
    Note: At least 4 credits must be Individualized Study in Music Education, EDUC electives must be approved for the elective requirement by advisor permission.
  • MUS 698 Graduate Recital—0 to 2 credits or MUS 696 Thesis—2 credits
  • MUS 699 Final Examination—0 credits
    The thesis (MUS 696), if chosen, is supervised by the student’s graduate advisor and personal graduate committee. If a recital (MUS 698) is chosen, permission must be secured before the end of the first semester of graduate study. Those pursuing this option must study privately with an appropriate faculty member for two consecutive semesters preceding the recital.

The School of Music Graduate Committee must approve the thesis proposal or recital program.

The University has a long tradition of encouraging and supporting study abroad.

More than 47 percent of Redlands undergraduates participate in study abroad programs.

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