Faculty by Area


  • Zachary Krug, trombone (undergraduate)
  • Tyler Neill, trumpet (undergraduate)
  • Joel Rangel, trombone (undergraduate)
  • Ross Woodzell, tuba (instructor)


  • Juan Aniceto, bass guitar (undergraduate)
  • *Marley Crean (undergraduate)
  • Chris Degroot (instructor)
  • Cheyne Forgerson (instructor)
  • Susan Graves (instructor)
  • Samuel McLain (instructor)
  • Kristopher Sveen (graduate)
  • Ian Trager (instructor)


  • Karen Bogart, piano (undergraduate)
  • Micheil Burgos, piano (graduate)
  • Rebecca Holzer, piano (undergraduate)
  • Stephanie Lovell, piano (artist teacher)
  • Michael Malakouti, piano (graduate)
  • Daniel Murphy, jazz piano (artist teacher)
  • Sophia Ohanian, piano (instructor)
  • *Anthony Ribaya piano (undergraduate)
  • Amy Rooney piano (undergraduate)
  • Thandiwe Sukuta piano (undergraduate)
  • Sophie Tait, piano (instructor)
  • Lara Urrutia, piano (artist teacher)


  • John Gann, percussion (graduate)
  • David “DJ” Mantle, percussion (instructor)


  • Kira Blumberg, viola (artist teacher)
  • Lucy Cahuantzi, cello (instructor)
  • Kyle Champion, cello (artist teacher)
  • Laura Evans, violin (undergraduate)
  • Sakari Dixon, viola/violin (instructor)
  • Mary Dropkin, harp (artist teacher)
  • Ian Kaminski, violin (undergraduate)
  • Aaron Norton, violin (undergraduate)
  • Caitlin Olsen, viola/violin (graduate)
  • Rachel Rome, viola/violin (undergraduate)
  • Alireza Tousi, viola (instructor)


  • Bradley Franklin (graduate)
  • Megan Griffiths (instructor)
  • Emily Hall (undergraduate)
  • Phoebe Jauregui (undergraduate)
  • Tiffany Johnson (undergraduate)
  • Zoe Peterson (undergraduate)
  • Marco Schindelmann (artist teacher)
  • Janie Vail (instructor)
  • Teresa Voss (graduate)


  • Carolyn Beck, bassoon (artist teacher)
  • Kelsey Broersma, saxophone (instructor)
  • Michelle Chavez, flute (graduate)
  • Nicolai Gervasi-Monarrez, saxophone (undergraduate)
  • Kathryn Nevin, clarinet (artist teacher)
  • Sasha Paredes, clarinet (instructor)
  • Simona Seres, bassoon (graduate)
  • Rachel Terrell, flute (graduate)
*Studying abroad in Fall 2015 and unavailable to teach.


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