Artist Diploma

In lieu of a traditional master's degree, students may apply for the intensified performance program leading to an Artist Diploma in Music.


Prospective student must have a bachelor's degree or equivalent in music.  There will be an in-person audition specific to each instrument or voice.  Once admitted, students must pass an Artist Diploma Entrance Jury (scheduled within the normal year-end jury examinations) by the end of the first year before being allowed to continue in the program.

Those students whose primary language is not English must report a score of at least 45 (133 on the computer-based test or 450 on the paper-based test) on the TOEFL examination by the end of the first year of study.

Required Courses

The artist diploma requires 36 credits distributed as follows:

  • Applied Music - 24 credits
  • Graduate-level music courses - 4 credits
  • Directed study in the literature of the major - 4 credits
  • Participation in a major conducted ensemble (or accompanying for organ and piano majors) - 4 credits (1 per semester)
  • Three formal recitals

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