About the Master of Music in Conducting

The Master of Music in Conducting degree program is designed for the professional preparation of conductors, with options in choral, orchestral, and wind literature. The curriculum includes individual instruction in the techniques of conducting, score preparation, rehearsal preparation, and rehearsal techniques as well as significant conducting experience with the University ensembles.

Enrollment is limited to three students in residence. Admission to the program includes a Graduate Assistantship with one of the major ensembles. Applicants must meet all of the current requirements for admission to the Graduate Program and have significant conducting experience. Applications should include undergraduate transcripts, a thirty-minute video of recent rehearsals and performances, a current repertoire list and Curriculum Vitae.

Supervising faculty for the Master of Music in Conducting are:

Orchestral Studies
Professor Co Nguyen
B.Mus., Hanoi Conservatory
M.Mus., Mannes College of Music
Artist Diploma, Curtis Institute of Music
Graduate Diploma, the Juilliard School

Wind Studies
Dr. Eddie Smith
B.M.E., Florida State University
M.A., University of South Florida
Ph.D., Florida State University

Choral Studies
Dr. Nicholle Andrews
B.Mus., B.MusEd., Memorial University
M.Mus., D.Mus., McGill University


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