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Students who join us get to play a part in fun and engaging group courses and activities. Students also have the option to choose a Musical Focus and Musical Exploration.

General Courses

All students participate in the following:

Piano Ensemble

  • A highlight of the camp, every student will be matched up by level and experience with other camp students to prepare and perform duo, trio, quartet and even larger ensemble piano pieces.
  • Students learn coordination, listening, and balance while making friends.
  • Each ensemble is coached by a faculty member.
  • Every ensemble will be featured in a final concert for family and friends on Friday, July 31, 2015, beginning at 4:00 PM.

Performance Forum

  • Students learn about various performance-related issues, including stage presence, etiquette, and listening skills.
  • Historical differences are discussed, such as “What makes Chopin sound different than Mozart?”
  • This class offers an opportunity for students to perform for their peers, if they wish, at the same time receiving feedback from a master teacher.

Theory: “FUN”-damentals of Music

  • In a fun and engaging way, students will learn more about how music is made, which includes identification of music elements, musical form and more.
  • Students will learn how understanding these concepts will help the interpretation of music for performance.

Activities Showcase

  • Changing daily, students spend this time after lunch exploring new facets of music through different formats, including interactive demonstrations, crafts, and games.

APPLIED SKILLS (choose one):

The following Applied Skills classes give the student a chance to apply his or her musical knowledge and understanding to the development of a specific skill that will enhance the student’s pleasure and performance at the piano. No previous experience in these areas is necessary.

A. Adventures in Composition
The Composition class will explore fascinating aspects of music creation. The course includes experimentation with diverse sound sources, working with modern as well as traditional methods of notation, and exploring principles of form, tension/resolution, character and mood.

B. Accompanying – The Pianist as Partner
Students in this class will explore the skills needed to be a fine accompanist. They will have the unique opportunity of preparing music with another instrumentalist and/or vocalist.

C. Organ and Harpsichord for Pianists - Keyboards Across the Ages
In this class, students will explore the similarities and differences among piano, organ, clavichord and harpsichord. Each student will have a hands-on opportunity to perform on the mighty four- manual Casavant organ in Memorial Chapel, and get experience on a harpsichord as well.

D. Percussion Ensemble - Drumming
This class is a joyful way for students to develop rhythmic skills. Students not only will see, hear and handle professional orchestral percussion equipment such as drums, gongs, marimbas and maracas, they will also learn to play them through an exciting percussion ensemble experience.

E. Sight Reading for Fun
The sight-reading class will help students improve their ability to play new music for fun the first time they see it. The focus is on quick recognition of notes, rhythms, and musical patterns.


The University of Redlands Piano camp offers an ever-changing array of musical experiences and explorations for students. This year, there are four explorations from which to choose.

A, Music and ART: “Drawing by Ear”
Students will uncover the common elements that shape music and art, specifically color, form, texture and rhythm. Using a variety of raw materials, and inspired by musical examples, each student will have a chance to create his or her own artwork. This summer students will have the opportunity of working with a tie-dye expert.

B. Music and DANCE: “How Music Makes Us Move”
Working with an experienced dance and music instructor, students will learn about, and kinesthetically experience, music’s relation to dance. Music and movement go hand in hand.

C. Music and MULTI-MEDIA: “Listening with our Eyes!”
Students will create a “Nature Symphony” on film, juxtaposing nature scenes they videotape on location around campus with the recorded piano performances of other campers. Students will learn the basics of videography, including how to handle a camera, sound recording, and editing.

D. Our Sonic Universe: “Does Nature Sing?”
Unlike our eyes, the ears never close! In this class students will become discerning listeners in a rich sonic environment. Besides examining sources of sound, they will experiment with the acoustics of sound and discover what constitutes “musical” sound.




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