2010 Testimonials

"The Pokorny Seminar was the most amazing musical experience I've had. Getting the opportunity to work with the best low brass players in the world is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."
-Garrett Karlin, tuba, University of Redlands

"My life and outlook as a young musician was beautifully changed for the better by this seminar."
-Quinn White, tuba, Yale University

"This group of musicians has been amazing to work with. I don't just take out of this a better understanding and appreciation of the trombone, but most importantly music."
-Danny Lawlor, trombone, Northwestern University

"The emphasis on artistic performance makes the Pokorny seminar quite valuable. This seminar stresses the importance of going beyond what is on the page while also addressing technique and accuracy."
-Seth Thompkins, tuba, University of Washington

"As a bass trombonist, I felt the Pokorny seminar was very helpful in my training. The seminar provided individual lessons from great musicians, opportunities to play and receive coachings with low brass section, and perspectives on the life of an orchestral musician and college professor."
-Wilson Wong, bass trombone, Manhattan School of Music

"The time I spent at Redlands was a fantastic experience. It was an environment with colleagues, not competitors, all working together towards greatness, from the top to the bottom, without any fear of judgment. The instructors were happy to answer any and all questions, both during classes and even outside of them."
-Evan Dorner, bass trombone, Western Michigan University

"The Pokorny seminar was an amazing opportunity to be encouraged, inspired, and musically moved by and all-star faculty. I come away from this experience with a new direction at where I want to take my playing as well as a better understanding of the community to which musicians belong. INVALUABLE, thanks!"
-Nick Garrison, trombone, Louisiana State University

How large is the main campus?
160 acres

The campus of the University of Redlands covers 160 acres.