2009 Testimonials

“The emotion displayed by everyone has inspired me to be more than I thought I could be.”

“Nerves, excitement, intimidation, assimilation, participation, realization, friendship, and passion all made for an unforgettable experience.”
- Trevor White, trombonist, UCSD

“The Pokorny Seminar gave me such close access to some of the greatest brass musicians on the planet. They were so gracious in sharing their time, expertise, and insights. It will be an experience I’ll remember for a lifetime.”
– Justin Isenhour, trombonist, Doctoral Student, USC

“Randy, Gene, and Dr. Glendening combine to make a low brass tri-fecta. Their varying experience, all focusing on one thing –low brass- provides for an unbelievable wealth of knowledge and musicianship.”
-Jeremy Morrow, trombonist, Northwestern University

“By far the best musical experience I’ve had. You can’t find better instruction for the price.”
- Garrett Karlin, tubist, University of Redlands

“Nowhere on Earth is there such a summit of low brass knowledge as there is at the Pokorny Low Brass Seminar at the University of Redlands.”
-Jeff Joyce, tubist, CSLB

“This was an incredibly supportive and nurturing environment, starting at the top with all three members of the faculty. Even with the participants, egos were properly checked at the door. This promoted a free exchange of ideas and allowed everyone to play free of extraneous distractions and negative energy.”
- Greg Malovance, freelance trombonist, Chicago

“The Pokorny Low Brass Seminar is an inspiring week of music with great teachers, great friends, and a lovely location.”
– Andrew Nissen, trombonist, Sydney Conservatorium, Australia

“This camp packs your mind with knowledge and inspiration. Any low brass player would benefit from this great experience.”
– Will Baker, trombonist, UCLA

“Gene, Randy, and Andrew are some of the most gracious teachers I have ever known. The atmosphere was one that allowed much learning.”
– Kevin Young, tubist, Doctoral Student, Texas Tech

“The Pokorny Low Brass Seminar was a great experience. I learned a lot about myself and was surrounded by a number of exceptional musicians. Definitely inspiring.”
- Christine Hayes, freelance trombonist, Long Beach, CA

“The Pokorny Low Brass Seminar was one of the most memorable experiences of my musical career. For me especially, a young musician, it was great to gain the experience and learn from professional musicians.”
- Daniel Lawlor, trombonist, Northwestern University

“I had a great time. I was just an auditor, but I still learned a lot just by listening to what Gene and Randy had to say about what other players brought to play. Both of them have such a great knowledge of music and how the music operates. The musicians involved were great and everyone was really nice and I made some great friendships during my time here.”
- Nathan Lee, tubist.

“The Gene Pokorny Low Brass Seminar is a fantastic forum for performers of all ages to come together and grow towards our common goal of true artistry.”
– Jemmie Robertson, trombonist, Faculty, Eastern Illinois University

“Well, I have been back from the Pokorny Seminar for a little less than a week and my head is still spinning. When I left I wasn't sure what to expect other than great playing from two of the world's finest brass players. What I got was SO MUCH MORE than that. The combined knowledge and experience of the faculty (Gene, Randy, and Andrew) provided a huge opportunity for learning. A relaxed atmosphere, beautiful campus, and intense schedule ensured that there was something for players of every level, and background. There were many opportunities to play or just listen. I'm still not sure what I learned the most from.

With players just starting their college careers sitting in class next to seasoned professionals looking for a "refresher" course the Seminar guarantees that you will get what you are looking for. Gene and Randy were so giving of their time and made everyone feel so comfortable sharing ideas and asking questions that you could not help but become a better player and person after the week.

My favorite moment of the week was watching Gene coach a low brass section of students from Redlands University in the same room he had sat in class in many years before. Talk about coming full circle!

I can unreservedly say that attending the Pokorny Seminar was one of the highlights of my professional career and I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone looking to improve themselves as low brass players. Keep up the great work!”
-Chris Olka Principal Tuba, Seattle Symphony, Seattle


There are more than 1,700 trees on the University of Redlands campus.

In April 2010, it was designated a Tree Campus USA by the Arbor Day Foundation. Redlands is among just three other colleges or universities in California to receive this designation.

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