Code of Conduct

Summer Harp Camp
Code of Conduct

To ensure that the Harp Camp experience is safe and enjoyable, we require all campers to abide by this Code of Conduct. Please read this carefully, sign at the bottom and return to Mary Dropkin, camp director, on the first morning of camp. Minors (under 18) who are staying on campus must ALSO have this form signed by their parents; all housing chaperones will be given a copy of this for their reference.

  1. Campus Departure Policy 
    a) Campers under the age of 18 may not leave the campus during camp hours without written permission and consent of Mary Dropkin, camp director. 
    i. Day Camp hours are from 8:30 AM to the end of evening activities, Monday to Saturday, July 21 through July 26, 2014.
    ii. For those staying on campus, camp hours are from check-in Sunday, July 20 or Monday, July 21 to Saturday, July 26, after the final concert.
  2. Substance Abuse Policy
    a) All campers are required to refrain from smoking at any time during camp.
    b) Use of non-prescription medications or legally prohibited drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited. 
  3. All campers are required to refrain from the use of obscene language at any time during camp. 
  4. All campers are to be at the scheduled place at the scheduled time. No one may leave the group/campus without a camp-appointed chaperone, or prior written permission. 
  5. Campers are expected to follow the instructions of camp clinicians or School of Music personnel. 
  6. Campers are expected to abide by all camp rules and policies. 
  7. The use or possession of fireworks, firearms, ammunitions, any dangerous ordinance or weapons of ANY kind is strictly prohibited.

Serious Offense:
Certain types of conduct are considered so serious that they might result in immediate expulsion from camp. These would include conduct that could result in injury, loss of limb or destruction of property; willful or serious disregard of University of Redlands Harp Camp policies, deliberate damage to school property or the property of others; theft; disruptive or harassing conduct, which could include threat of violence, horseplay or practical jokes, bullying in any form. Possession of a weapon or violation of the Substance Abuse Policy would also be considered a serious offense.

Failure to abide by this Code of Conduct may result in immediate expulsion from camp. Your parents/guardians will be notified and be responsible for the inconvenience and expense of your leaving camp. Any tuition paid will be forfeit, and if you are the recipient of scholarship assistance, that will be revoked and your parents/guardian will be responsible for reimbursement.

To be signed and returned to Mary Dropkin, camp director.

Download Code of Conduct form.


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