Zach Neufeld

zach neufeld

Photo courtesy of Hojoon Kim

Zach received a BM in Music Composition from the University of Redlands in 2010. After graduation, Zach served as a staff accompanist in the School of Music at U of R and a music librarian for the Redlands Symphony. He is active as a freelance classical/jazz pianist and accompanist, and is currently the Director of Music and Organist at Redlands First Presbyterian Church. He received an MA in Composition from UCLA in 2013, where he is currently a PhD candidate and recipient of the prestigious Dissertation Year Fellowship.

Zach has taught theory and musicianship at UCLA, and is currently on the faculty of the Santa Monica Conservatory of Music.

While a student at Redlands, Zach received the Presser Scholar award, the SAI Outstanding Composer Award, and the Jeffrey H. Rickard Endowed Choral Scholarship. He enjoyed performing with the Chapel Singers, University Choir, Madrigals Singers, Studio Jazz Band, Jazz Combos, and the University Orchestra.

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