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If you are a traditionally Published Author or Illustrator, the Charlotte Huck Festival is offering a special package for you to take advantage of networking opportunities with teachers, librarians, and other interested members of the community. NOTE: All attendees registering for this package must be either P.A.L. members of SCBWI. If not members of SCBWI, publications should still meet P.A.L. requirements i.e. publications listed must be with a press or magazine included on the SCBWI P.A.L. list ( This option is not available to self-published authors. Acceptance of registration for this package is conditional on approval by the Charlotte Huck Festival Board.

Registration deadline for this package is December 6, 2013.

Letter "a"The special Published Author/Illustrator Package includes:  

  • Information about you, your books, and contact details included in the conference folder.
  • Registrant contact details for possible school visits posted online if received by November 15.
  • The opportunity to bring three publications for display. A time will be offered for networking with teachers and others interested.
  • Possibility of including registrants’ publications for sale at the on-site bookstore.
  • Time and space for autographing books.
  • Seating in the room to maximize networking opportunities with teachers.

Please note that online registration is not available for the Writer/Illustrator package.  Register here.

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