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The mission of the festival is to carry on Charlotte Huck’s life work of bringing children and books together in order to develop readers who will find a lifetime of pleasure in reading good books. Focusing on children's literature grades K-8, Literature Festival 2015 features small group presentations by educators, librarians, authors, illustrators, editors and scholars in the field of children's literature. We have sessions geared to the interests of primary grades, middle grades, librarians, parents, and aspiring writers.

Unique to the Charlotte S. Huck Children’s Literature Festival is an opportunity for local teachers and their students to study the work of one author or illustrator and then come to the festival to share the learning that has taken place in their classroom. In 2015, students from Redlands, Highland, and Yucaipa will be at the Festival with their teachers to meet “their” author or illustrator. All festival participants are invited to observe.

Breakout Session choices for 2015 include:

FRIDAY, February 17 
10:30-11:30 Choice of Breakout Sessions

  1. READING ALOUD: THE HEART OF READING INSTRUCTION: Dr. Marilyn Carpenter will highlight the value of reading aloud in teaching reading and titles that make excellent read-alouds. A list of those titles will be part of the presentation.
  2. ASPIRING AUTHOR POSTER SESSION: Dr. Heather King facilitates an opportunity for aspiring authors to present their story ideas during the breakout session. Posters will be on display for the duration of the conference, with informational handouts available from the authors.
  3. READING IS HEALING: USING PICTURE BOOKS FOR BIBLIOTHERAPY: Amy Rogers will share a variety of texts to use for bibliotherapy in the classroom and the research behind it.
  4. ART CHOSE ME: An informal question and answer conversation with award winning author/illustrator Lois Ehlert
  5. PILOTS, FAIRIES, AND OTHER THINGS THAT FLY: A sneak peek of upcoming books by Marc Tyler Nobleman
  6. THROUGH AVI'S EYES: CAPTURING CHARACTERS THROUGH THEIR STORIES: Cathy Faust and Jeff Stanners and their 5th grade students have been reading Avi books including The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle and are excited about the opportunity to meet with the author.
  7. JENNIFER HOLM, AN AUTHOR STUDY: Carol Dyer and her fifth grade students share work they have done and discuss Our Only May Amelia with author Jennifer L. Holm.

1:45-2:45-Choice of Small Group Sessions

  1. FROM POLAR BEARS TO ZEBRAS: NONFICTION BOOKS AS SPRINGBOARDS TO READING: Author Caroline Arnold leads a hands-on workshop featuring fun learning projects and classroom activities linked to her books
  2. FOR YOUR PROFESSIONAL LIBRARY: Explore recent professional books with Nancy O’Connor, owner of O.W.L., your source for professional books.
  3. FLUENCY GAMES AND SONGS FOR COMMON CORE!: Author Erin Dealey connects kids with words--and writing and reading--with painless common core games and songs.
  4. BEST MULTICULTURAL BOOKS FOR 2014—A BOOK TALK: Dr. Claudette McLinn of the Center for the Study of Multicultural Literature shares the best multicultural books published during the past year.
  5. GET GRAPHIC: Award winning author Jennifer L. Holm features her Baby Mouse and her Squish series of books
  6. THE ART OF LOIS EHLERT: Susie Fletcher and her upper elementary art students from Inland Leaders School meet with Lois Ehlert and will share their work which was inspired by her books.
  7. BE YOURSELF!: A PETER BROWN AUTHOR STUDY: The third grade students of Marsha MacLean and the second grade students of Suzie Heaton meet Peter Brown and share work they have done with his books.

SATURDAY, February 28
10:15 - 11:15 Choice of Small Group Sessions

  1. READ, LAUGH, LIVE: HUMOR IN CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOKS: Dr. Nancy Brashear. Dr. Gail Bouslough, and Dr. Kristen Sipper-Denlinger introduce text sets of humorous picture books by international and U.S. authors and illustrators, suggest some book-related activities, and identify related Common Core State Standards (CCST).
  2. I’M TELLING ON YOU: Dr. Adrien Lowrey’s oral storytelling workshop includes group participation in fun exercises that will excite students' imaginations and help strengthen teachers who must meet the Common Core State Standards with their students.
  3. CLOSE READING FOR BETTER WRITING: Betsy Neumeyer shares close reading strategies, students can use as they study various texts to uncover writing techniques professional authors use, then implement those same methods in their own writing assignments.
  4. BEHIND THE SCENES WITH MARC TYLER NOBLEMAN: An informal question & answer session with nonfiction writer Marc Tyler Nobleman.
  5. OF HOOT AND CIDER AND SINGING WIND : Explore the process of becoming a writer in this informal question and answer session with award winning poet Rebecca Kai Dotlich.
  6. GRAB BAG: Beach Lane Books publisher Allyn Johnston will talk about whatever picture-book-related items come to mind, answer questions—AND accept submissions! (via mail or e-mail, not in person)

11:30- 12:30 Choice of Small Group Sessions

  1. MULTICULTURAL LITERATURE AND CRITICAL LITERACY: STRATEGIES FOR THE EVERYDAY CLASSROOM: Dr. Aletha M. Harven and Dr. Kimberly Gordon Biddle will focus on the use of multicultural literature in helping children to critique and understand socially constructed concepts such as power, privilege, and inequality and to explore their own experiences in relation to the characters in the text.
  2. RALLYING FOR WRITING: Literacy specialists Lisa Laurier and Lori Johnson share a Whitworth University event that brings a noted children's author to the university campus each year. PreK-6 children create and publish their own book and parents/guardians are given modeling on how to foster literacy in the home.
  3. MUSIC, LYRICS, AND IMAGES... OH MY! A MULTIMODAL STUDY OF THE CIVIL WAR: Dr. Robert Wortman explores a multimodal approach using images, music, primary source documents and a multi-genre text set that engage students with the literacy experiences in an authentic study of the Civil War.
  4. A CONVERSATION WITH AVI: Explore Avi’s books with Avi in a spontaneous and meaningful dialogue about children’s literature, the teaching of writing and reading, and the role of books in the classroom.
  5. SCENES FROM PETER BROWN'S IMAGINATION: An informal discussion with Peter Brown who grew from being a little guy who loved to draw and write, to being a big guy who makes picture books for a living.
  6. POETRY JAR JAMBOREE: Join Kristine O’Connell George and Rebecca Kai Dotlich, our two word-crazed poets , for a lively look at creative ways to employ a humble jar as a creative writing portal in your classroom.

Artwork from The Curious Garden,
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2009
with permission of author illustrator Peter Brown

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