Pauline Reynolds

Assoc Professor, Sch of Ed

Office: Education, University Hall

Phone: 909/748-8842



Current Research

Bouncing off the interest in my book, Representing 'U', I'm busy right now working as a co-editor and chapter author for a contracted book for Palgrave MacMillan as part of their Higher Education and Society series titled “Media Representations of American Higher Education: The Anti-Intellectual University and Other Depictions” with Barbara Tobolowsky that is due to the publishers in early summer 2016. I'm also working on a book-length project analyzing the representation of professors in US movies tentatively called “The Reel Professoriate.”

Description of Research

I have broad research interests in the study of higher education that encompass issues of gender, culture, equity and change. I engage in these areas through a variety of research endeavors. I am particularly intrigued by the changing role and meaning of higher education in social discourse something that I currently explore through my work with popular culture. Other areas of interest include work in organizational change, action inquiry and student retention.

Courses Taught at Redlands

I teach the introductory course for the MA program "Higher Education in the US: Contexts and Populations" as well as "An Introduction to College Student Affairs," the qualitative methods course and topic courses such as "Women and Higher Education: Past and Present." Also, I teach "Innovations in Leadership and Professional Development" for the Ed.D. program.

Degrees Held

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education, September 2007. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.
  • Master of Music in Early Music, December 2003. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.
  • Bachelor of Music (Honors), July 1996. Royal College of Music, London, England

Previous Relevant Work Experience

Research Associate, Indiana Project on Academic Success, Jan. 2004 – May 2006

Significant Publications and Presentations

Gross, J.P., Berry, M., & Reynolds, P.J. (2015). “The differential effects of financial aid on degree completion by gender.” Strategic Enrollment Management, 3(1), 41-61.

Reynolds, P.J. (2014). Representing ‘U’: Popular culture, media, and higher education. AEHE, 40(4), John Wiley & Sons.

Reynolds, P.J. & Gross, J.P. (2010). “"Using Longitudinal Mixed Methods Research to Look at Undeclared Students." In T.A. Seifert (Ed.) New Directions in Institutional Research Assessment Supplement 2010. Wiley Periodicals.

Reynolds, P.J. (2009). “The Celluloid Ceiling: Women Academics, Social Values, and Narrative in 1940s American Film.” Gender and Education, 21(2), 209-224.

Reynolds, P.J. & Hossler, D. (2009). “The IPAS Paper-trail: An Analysis of the Documents and Reflections of IPAS Staff.” In D. Hossler (Ed.) Readings in Equal Education, Volume 24. AMS Press, Inc.

Reynolds, P.J., Rago, M. & Brown, R. (2009). “IPAS in Practice: Bringing Orientation to a Community College Campus”. In D. Hossler (Ed.) Readings in Equal Education, Volume 24. AMS Press, Inc.

Braxton, J., McKinney, J., & Reynolds, P. (2006). “Cataloguing Institutional Efforts to Understand and Reduce College Student Departure”. In E. P. St. John (Ed.) New Directions in Institutional Research, 130. San Francisco: Jossey Bass.

Recent presentations include:

“Reframing Institutional Research to Support Initiatives to Improve Academic Success.” With Ed St. John and others. Presented at the annual meeting of the Association of Institutional Research (AIR), May 30th-June 3rd, 2009.

“Ways of Knowing: Faculty, Social Values and Anti-Intellectualism in American Film, 1930-50.” Research paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), 15th April, 2009.

“ABC Family’s “Greek”: Examining The Portrayal of a “Real” College Experience?” With J.P. Mendez. Research paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), 15th April 2009.

“The ‘Reel’ Professoriate: Faculty, Social Values and the Symbol of the Book in American Film.” Research paper presented at the annual meeting of Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), 6th Nov, 2009.

Professional Affiliations

  • Association for the Study of Higher Education
  • American Education Research Association (AERA)

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