Rod Goodyear

Professor, Sch of Ed

Office: Education, University Hall

Phone: 909/748-8800



Current Research, Academic Interests or Areas of Expertise

  • Counselor Training and Supervision

  • Counseling process and outcomes

  • Challenges in Developing Expertise in Psychotherapy – and possible training implications   

Description of Research and Professional Background Highlights

Rod's primary area of scholarship has been counselor training and supervision, with a number of articles, chapters, and books over the past 30 years. His supervision book (Bernard & Goodyear, 2014), now in its fifth edition, has become the standard in the field.

He currently is President of the American Psychological Association’s Society for the Promotion of Psychotherapy (Division 29; website:  and Chair of the Supervision and Training Section, APA Division of Counseling Psychology.

Rod’s Fulbright lectureship in the counseling psychology program at Yonsei University in 2012 awakened an interest in clinical supervision and psychotherapy internationally. This is reflected in both scholarship that he has underway and in practice.  He is particularly interested in how to how to ensure that it is not simply a matter of American and Western European ideas being transplanted elsewhere, but rather one of mutual influence.  He is working now in an ongoing training program for clinical supervisors that is sponsored by the Chinese Clinical and Counseling Psychology Registration System of the Chinese Psychological Society.

Courses Taught at Redlands

EDUC 601 (Counseling Process)

EDUC 653 (Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy)

EDUC 654 (Counseling for Career Choice and Development)

CMHC 640 (Research and Evaluation)

CMHC 699 (Practicum)


  • Augustana College, B.A., Psychology (1969)

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ph.D., Counseling psychology (1972)

  • APA accredited internship, University of California, Berkeley (1972-1973)

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, MS.Ed., Rehabilitation Counseling (1970)

Previous Teaching Experience

  • Emeritus Professor of Education (Counseling Psychology), University of Southern California
  • Associate Professor, Counseling, Kansas State University

Major Awards

  • Award for Distinguished Lifetime Contributions to Psychology Education and Training, American Psychological Association (August 2015)

  • Fellow, American Psychological Association

  • Fellow, American Educational Research Association

  • Award for Lifetime Contributions to Education and Training in Counseling Psychology, Council of Counseling Psychology Training Programs

  • APA Society of Counseling Psychology, Section for the Promotion of Psychotherapy Science, Award for Lifetime Achievement in Psychotherapy Process and Outcome Research (August 2013)

  • APA Society of Counseling Psychology, Section on Supervision and Training, Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychology Supervision and Training (August 2007)

  • Fulbright Distinguished Lecturer, Yonsei University (Spring 2012)


  • Licensed Psychologist, California (License number PSY 13467)

Significant Publications


Bernard, J. M., & Goodyear, R. K. (2014). Fundamentals of clinical supervision. (5th edition).  Boston:  Merrill.

Gallagher, K. S., Goodyear, R. K., Brewer, D., & Rueda, R. (Eds.) (2012).  Urban Education: A Model for Leadership and Policy.  London:  Routledge.

Book Chapters

Lichtenberg, J. W., & Goodyear, R. K. (2012). Informal learning, incidental learning, and deliberate continuing education: Preparing psychologists to be effective lifelong learners. In G. J. Neimeyer, & J. M. Taylor (Eds.), Continuing education: Types, roles, and societal impacts. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Goodyear, R. K., & Rodolfa, E.  (2012).  Negotiating the complex ethical terrain of clinical supervision.  In  Handbook on ethics in psychology (S. Knapp, Ed).  Washington, D. C.:  American Psychological Association.

Lichtenberg, J.W., Goodyear, R.K., & Genther, D. Y. (2008).  The changing landscape of professional practice in counseling psychology (pp. 21-37).   In S. D. Brown and R. W. Lent (Eds.), Handbook of Counseling Psychology (4th ed.). John Wiley and Sons:  New York.


Goodyear, R. K. (2015). Using accountability mechanisms more intentionally:  A framework and its implications for training professional psychologists.  American Psychologist

American Psychological Association (including R. K. Goodyear; 2015).  Guidelines for clinical supervision in health service psychology. American Psychologist, 70, 33 – 46.

Goodyear, R. K.  (2015).  Factors that limit counselor metacompetence and the suggested role of supervisors.  Journal of Human Understanding and Counseling (####), 35, 1 - 9


Tracey, T. J. G., Wampold, B. E., Goodyear, R. K. , & Lichtenberg, J. W.(2015).  Improving expertise in psychotherapy.  Psychotherapy Bulletin, 50 (1), 7 – 13.

Tracey, T. J. G., Wampold, B. E., Lichtenberg, J. W., & Goodyear, R. K.  (2014). Expertise in psychotherapy: An elusive goal?  American Psychologist, 69, 218 – 229.

Bang, K., & Goodyear, R. K. (2014). South Korean supervisees’ experience of and response to negative supervision events. Counselling Psychology Quarterly, 27(4), 353-378.

Goodyear, R. K. (2014). Supervision as pedagogy: Attending to its essential instructional and learning processes.  The Clinical Supervisor, 33, 82-99

Goodyear, R. K.., Lichtenberg, J. W., Bang, K., & Both Gragg, J. (2014).  Ten changes psychotherapists typically make as they mature into the role of supervisor.  Journal of Clinical Psychology/In Session, 70(11), 1042-1050

Tsong, Y., & Goodyear, R. K.  (2014).  Assessing supervision’s clinical and multicultural aspects:  The Supervision Outcome Scale’s psychometric properties. Training & Education in Professional Psychology, 8(3), 189 – 195.

Souder D., Sullivan M., May W., Goodyear, R.  (2010) Teaching Interpersonal and Communication Feedback Skills to Standardized Patients:  Assessment of a Cognitive Model. Simulation in Healthcare: Journal of the Society for Simulation   in Healthcare, 5, 187.

Goodyear, R. K., Brewer, D. J., Gallagher, K. S., Tracey, T. J. G., Claiborn, C. D., Lichtenberg, J. W., & Wampold, B. (2009).  The intellectual foundations of education:  Core journals and  their impacts on scholarship and practice.  Educational Researcher, 38, 700 – 706.

Carter, J. W., Enyedy, K. C., Goodyear, R. K., Arcinue, F., Puri, N. N., Getzelman, M. A.  (2009).  Concept mapping of the events supervisees find helpful in group supervision. Training & Education in Professional Psychology, 3, 1 – 9.

Goodyear, R. K., Murdock, N., Lichtenberg, J. W., McPherson, R., Petren, S., & O’Byrne, K. K.  (2008).  Stability and change in counseling psychologists’ identities, roles, functions, and career satisfaction across fifteen years.  The Counseling Psychologist, 36, 220 – 249.

For a more complete list, please see Professor Goodyear’s curriculum vitae

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