Maintaining an Open Mind

Vicky Slater , Clinical professor, School of Education

In Vicki's class, self-reflection is part of the curriculum.

Transcript of the video interview:

"One of the things I like about the education program at the point that I became involved with it at Redlands is that it's current and they embrace the new standards and the new professional standards for teachers. "I currently am teaching education 501, which is Foundations of Education, and it has a very strong emphasis on diversity and multicultural education. We were discussing in my class tonight how to develop your open-mindness and make sure that you can model and teach tolerance in your classroom.

"It is essential that every classroom should be a safe learning environment for every child that is in there--that is part of the mission statement of the program and it's highly emphasized. And I think we do a tremendous amount of reflection, self-reflection in our program for students to look and say can I become this, can I do this if I'm not there already? So there's that, I think teachers always need to have patience.

"I tell my students that if you don't have a sense of humor, you'd better learn to develop one because I found that's what's kept me in this career is this long is, you know, there's something to smile about every single day in a classroom and you need to be able to see that. And if you can't, you're probably in trouble."

How large is the main campus?
160 acres

The campus of the University of Redlands covers 160 acres.