Ticket to Heaven

Sabine Robertson Phillips , Class of 1992, Director of Human Resources, Redlands Unified School District

Alumna Sabine Robertson Phillips remembers Redlands as the best four years of her life.

Transcript of the video interview:

"You know what, I talk about Redlands like it was my ticket to heaven and the best four years of my life. I thought that this place was a perfect place to grow in a safe environment, just the right size--not too big, not too small--and I always tell my husband who graduated from UCLA, I said I went to college, you went to a city, you know. You know, he doesn't go back for alumni stuff, he's very into the being a Bruin, but it's more the athletics and you know when I come back for homecoming or I come back to sit on panels or to do anything like that, I feel truly like I'm coming home. And the friends that I made and the professors and the people who work here, every time you walk in it's 'Hi Sabine, how are you doing--how are your kids?'

"You know, it's family; everybody knows each other around here, and I really feel blessed that I was able to be here and that I was able to participate as much as I did. I was in the senate, I was in student government. I was the vice president of the student body my senior year, I was able to study abroad--I went to Paris for a semester and I just took advantage of every opportunity at this university."

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