Worth the Time and Effort

Andrew Mitchell, Seventh Grade Language Arts and Reading Teacher Banning, California  

For alumnus Andrew Mitchell, The School of Education was a transforming experience.

Transcript of the video interview:

"The Redlands teaching credential program is ranked high for good reason. I'm a better teacher because I went here. My advisor gave me useful feedback on my strengths and weaknesses, and I learned so much from the other students, most of whom are already teaching. And my teachers really listened to the students and cared about our ideas.

"As I write my check for my loans, I have to say the Redlands program is worth what you pay. Yes, it is more expensive because it's private. But unlike my friends who went to less expensive schools, I haven't wasted a penny or my time taking courses I didn't need."

The University has five Centers of Distinction.
student playing a cello

Redlands is committed to offering innovative learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.

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