Children's Literature Festival

Charlotte Huck Children's Literature Festival 2015

Join us on February 26 & 27, 2016
To celebrate 20 years of the best of Children’s Literature in Redlands! 

Each year, the festival brings together educators librarians, parents and students and the best authors, illustrators and editors in the nation. If you thought we couldn’t match the 2015 faculty, then



Jerry Pinkney, illustrator
Janet Wong, poet
Debra Frasier, author/illustrator
Linda Sue Park, author
Kevin Henkes, author/illustrator
Mike Graf, author
Marla Frazee, author illustrator

And more—
Kristine O’Connell George, Tony Johnston, Alexis O’Neill, and editor Allyn Johnston

Registration opens April 6, 2015. Register with a friend and share this inspiring weekend!

Call for Proposals: We are accepting Proposals after April 6.

For Additional Information
Contact festival secretary Colleen Quesada at (909) 748-8791 or email the festival coordinator Marjorie Arnett.


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