Master of Arts in School and College Counseling

Our School and College Counseling programs involve training in counseling and consultation to prepare students for counseling positions in school settings ranging from Primary to Post-Secondary. Coursework meets all standards required for a California Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Credential.

Program Options Information

There are two different options for those interest in a Master's Degree in School Counseling depending upon whether you are interested in working a K-12 school setting or college setting. See program specific information at the link below. 

  • School Counseling - Specific information on the School Counseling program. 
  • College Counseling - For those interested in the program track for working in College Counseling environments. 
  • Program Sheet - Overall descriptive information about the School Counseling program.  Excellent information for prospective students.  
  • Course catalog - Overall course catalog for the School of Education. 

Program Information for Current Students

The School Counseling Program has a Handbook for current students to have them help understand fieldwork within the context of the overall program. The School Counseling program requires a digital portfolio that tis completed throughout the program.  The information sheet below provides guidance to students on the creation of the portfolio. Additionally, we have put together an advising form for all students to complete for your information.  Additionally, the links below provide access to all fieldwork forms that students need as a part of their fieldwork for the program. 

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