Emphasis Courses

Language and Culture Option (12 units, offered in Redlands)
Explore how language and culture impact learning in all students, including those from culturally and linguistically diverse urban settings.

1. EDUC 645 Introduction to Linguistics for Educators (3)
2. EDUC 646 Diversity and Inclusion (3)
3. EDUC 647 Perspectives in Second Language Acquisition (3)
4. EDUC 649 Teaching English Language Learners (3)

Spatial Literacy Option (12 units, offered online)
Spatial literacy is using maps, mapping and spatial perspectives to address ideas, situations and challenges in daily life, society and the world around us. The ability to visualize, analyze and interpret spatial and geographic information is fundamental to content understanding and problem solving.

You will learn to apply spatial concepts to the existing curriculum in all subject areas, sometimes using virtual globes, geographic information systems (GIS) and global positioning systems (GPS), and other tools that facilitate other forms of spatial thinking.

1. EDUC 616 – Foundations of Spatial Thinking (3)
2. EDUC 617- Mapping/GIS as Instructional Tools (3)
3. EDUC 618 - Cultivating Spatial Literacy in Today’s World (3)
4. EDUC 619 - Assessment & Evaluation of Spatial Literacy Programs (3)

Spatial Literacy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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