Tuition & Scholarship

The University of Redlands has a long standing commitment to maintain tuition costs below the national average for private institutions. Whether in the private or public sector, we all face the challenge of providing quality goods and services while keeping costs under control. The tuition and fees recently approved by the University’s Board of Trustees are below.

2015-2016 School of Education Tuition & Fee Schedule 


University of Redlands School of Education has the following scholarships available each year:

• Five (5) Leader Scholar Awards to doctoral candidates
    o 25% tuition discount
    o Requires nomination from leader within unified school district, college or university
    o Recognition at time of award; designation cords at graduation
    o Participation in post-program advisory board

• Fifteen (15) Educational Leadership Awards to graduate candidates
(excludes MA in Learning & Teaching program)
    o 20% tuition discount
    o Requires essay submission
    o Recognition at time of award; designation cords at graduation

• Ten (10) Graduate Assistantships awarded to graduate candidates
    o 10 hours per week
    o $3600 per year
    o Requires resume
    o Available assignments per academic year include:
        *Department Chair, Teaching and Learning Programs
        *Department Chair, Counseling and Educational Leadership Programs
        *2 Research Assistants, Leadership and Counseling
        *2 Research Assistants, Teaching and Learning
        *Center for Educational Justice
        *Dean’s Office – Special Projects
        *CAS Future Teachers Pathway Program
           (in conjunction with Enrollment)
        *Student Services

Visit Financial Aid details on other aid including loans, grants and alternative financing options.


















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