Graduate Programs

Graduate Department of Leadership and Counseling

The Graduate Department of Leadership and Counseling is a collection of 10 faculty members who work in the areas of leadership, educational administration, counseling, and policy.  The department houses five graduate programs including; our EdD program in Leadership for Educational Justice and four Master of Arts programs in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Educational Administration, Higher Education and School Counseling. The department is committed to creating exceptional learning experiences for graduate students in small, personal, educational settings.  

Doctorate of Education in Leadership for Educational Justice (Ed.D.)

The University of Redlands Doctorate in Leadership for Educational Justice (Ed.D.) is a nationally unique program, which engages 20 students each year in rigorous study, debate, research and practice.  Our driving mission is to produce scholarly practitioners who are sought after for leadership roles in schools, districts, agencies and public service.

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Coursework in this program will prepare you for California licensure with the Board of Behavioral Sciences and fulfills the National Board of Certified Counselors educational requirement to sit for the National Counselor Examination for National Counselor Certification. Licensed professional clinical counselors treat people dealing with problems such as depression, anxiety, addiction and eating disorders, and some specialize in couples, family or child counseling.

Master of Arts in School Counseling

This program involves training in counseling and consultation to prepare students for counseling positions in a range of educational settings. Coursework within this two-year program meets all standards required for a California Pupil Personnel Services credential.

Master of Arts in Education Administration

This two-year program provides you theoretical and practical coursework in school leadership for both the public and private K-12 education. You may earn this master’s degree with or without the Preliminary Administrative Services credential.  

Master of Arts in Higher Education

Designed for people pursuing careers in colleges and universities, this master’s program embraces a social justice perspective on professional practice. It prepares you with exposure to the social, cultural and organizational contexts of higher education, student affairs, theories in leadership and student development, and current issues. This program also provides you a solid foundation if you wish to pursue doctoral work.

Program Overview

Each master's program is based on a foundation of four common graduate courses. These "core courses" provide the basic knowledge and skills to perform graduate level research, assessment, evaluation and writing; curriculum and program development; and personal and professional reflection, as well as pluralism.  In addition to these core courses, each program has requirements specific to its discipline and tailored to meet student needs and interests.

  • Programs start primarily in September of each year, but we also start students in January. 
  • All programs take an average of 2 years to complete.  Some students complete the coursework in an accelerated manner in as little to a year and a half, while others choose to take courses more slowly (this flexibility is offered in every program).
  • Classes are scheduled in the evening to facilitate access to our programs for a diverse set of learners.
  • Each master's level course is 12 weeks long.
  • Every master's level program or course has been designed with busy students in mind; as a result the busy months of April, August and most of December are "off" and students are not scheduled for courses.
  • Courses are taught predominantly by full-time faculty, with adjunct faculty with expertise in practice used strategically to ensure students are prepared for the contemporary work context. 
  • Students also have Internet access to course content, classmates and faculty through Moodle, a software program that facilitates on-line discussions and information exchange.


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