Banta Center Research Portal

During the Spring of 2009, the Banta Center’s Graduate Research Fellows, Andrea Scott, James Muren and Debbie Eytchison, focused their attention on the Financial Crisis of 2008. This themed portal includes five parts. By clicking on each heading, you will be taken to a content-specific resource page providing materials for review in the following categories: (a) Articles, (b) Periodicals, (c) Working Papers, (c) Books, (d) Websites, (e) Videos and (f) Threads for Future Reference.

Lending Practices
The Securitization of Mortgages
Analysis of Credit Default Swaps and Rating Agencies
The Glass-Steagall Act: Its Repeal and Consequences
The Shadow Banking System
The Social and Ethical Dimensions of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis: Impact of Regulatory Reform

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