Thursday, October 22


Winning at All Costs? The Ethics of Doing Business
University of Redlands Main Campus, Orton Center
6 p.m. (buffet dinner served at 5:30 p.m.)

Randal Walker
VP of  BC Technical

Join us as Randal discusses and reflects on key ethical questions based on his experience in healthcare diagnostic imaging. 


  1. Do you pay a person of influence to steer a contract your direction? 
  2. When does socializing cross the line of bribing? 
  3. Do you pay an employee for parts that they have acquired through previous employment to maintain the equipment at one of their current customers? 
Randal Walker is a longtime supporter of the University of Redlands. He obtained his Master of Arts in 1988 and has maintained his relationship with the University since then. In 2004, he teamed with the faculty to begin the emphasis on Ethics. 


Randal has worked in healthcare diagnostic imaging for the last twenty years, helping to acquire new companies and taking on executive roles in these businesses. He is currently Vice President of CT and MRI for BC Technical, a leading nationwide, independent provider of medical imaging systems and services which has purchased ten firms in the last three years.

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