Practicing the Music of Life

Jason Bennett

Practicing the music of life

When a very young Jason Bennett accidentally discovered the songwriter/poet Bob Dylan while flipping through his father’s vinyl record collection, no one could have predicted how important that moment would become in directing his life’s work.

“The songs weren’t like anything else I was hearing on the radio,” remembers Jason. “They were so simple, so genuine and so poetic. At 13, I wasn’t sure what all those words meant, but I knew they were important.”

As the young folk musician grew in skills and recognition, he also began to realize the importance of an education in the business side of any career. “I knew a long time ago that I was not going to be an engineer or a doctor,” says Jason. “So business seemed like the right decision for me.”

The rock star of business schools

If Jason’s discovery of the Dylan albums was a fork in the road of his personal development, certainly another equally significant milestone was his decision to attend the University of Redlands.

“Redlands was a great choice for me,” he affirms. “It offered a strong business and management program which I felt would always be in demand.”

Jason says today’s music industry is changing faster than anyone predicted, and no one knows what new technologies or musical trends are coming.

“My degree in business and management at Redlands has helped me adjust to the times,” he says. “No matter how the music business changes,” he explains, “…hard work, creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit will always be in demand at any time or place. The solid understanding of business and the human condition, which is what I learned at Redlands, is something that stays with me wherever I go.”

You can read about more about how this former Bulldog is making his own mark in the world of music at

Jason Bennett CDs are available online. You can also hear Jason on YouTube perform Bob Dylan’s “Let Me Die in my Footsteps” and “Daddy's Hand (Song for Quinn)” – Live at the Pikes Peak Center .

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