Mediterranean Cruise: Spain, Italy, France


Mediterranean cruise west

Travel Dates: 10/09/2016-- 10/22/2016

 In 2014 we introduced a radical new study abroad program, which we nicknamed “Study Aboard.” This program combined all the academic and cultural components of our traditional programs with the transportation, accommodation, meal and entertainment benefits offered on a cruise ship. In October 2016 we continue this exciting program by adding several new destinations in Mediterranean Europe. A group of faculty, students and their guests will depart from Los Angeles for Rome, where we’ll spend two days exploring the capital and largest city in Italy. The next evening we board an NCL cruise ship for a 7 day adventure at sea!

On the first day of the cruise we tour the historic cities of Florence and Pisa, Italy. Day two is spent in Cannes, France, site of the world famous film festival. On day three we visit Marseille, the oldest city in France, founded in 600 BC. Day four is spent in Barcelona, Spain; the country’s second largest city and one of Europe’s principal seaports. We spend day five at sea attending lectures and seminars delivered by experts in European business and economics. On day six we visit Naples at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, where we’ll visit the ruins of Pompeii. On day seven we arrive back in Rome for one final night in the “eternal city,” but our European adventure does not end there. The next morning we board a high-speed train for three nights in Venice, a place where you can float down palace-lined, man-made waterways and stroll down scenic historic alleyways.  

In addition to the academic seminars delivered aboard ship, students on this program have an opportunity to visit a variety of businesses in the Western Mediterranean Region of Europe.

Trip Cost: Approximately $4,500-$4,800 (this price does not include your tuition, price subject to change)

Trip Leader: Dr. Michael MacQueen

Deposit: A deposit of $500 will save your spot for this trip, please send with your registration forms which can be downloaded from the link to your right.

More Information: Please email Christine Mee or call at 909-748-8748

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