Faculty Research


Current faculty who have undertaken research projects supported by the Banta Center include:

Monica Perry
"Web Site Privacy Policies and Customer Data: Do Trade Associations Facilitate Ethical Privacy Standards?"

Recent breaches in security of customer data have elevated privacy issues for consumers, businesses and legislators just as the Internet is becoming the dominant channel of communication and transactions for the average consumer. Thus, our research assesses the degree to which trade associations' privacy guidelines and policies facilitate ethical privacy practices/standards by members on their own web sites. In particular, we identify whether trade association members implement privacy policies that exhibit different ethical standards than non-members with respect to the acquisition, use and sharing of customer data. Ethical considerations reflect analysis of the content as well as the style and tone of privacy policies for accessibility/readability by customers.

Hindupur Ramakrishna and Keith Roberts
"Software Piracy: An Exploratory Study of Rationality and Ethical Issues"

It is estimated that losses from software piracy worldwide average about US $12 billion annually. Business Software Alliance (BSA) and Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) are two organizations that have been set up to protect the interests of organizations that have a stake in these losses by developing strategies/approaches to reduce software piracy worldwide. This research is an attempt to build on prior research to gain some empirical evidence regarding factors related to software piracy by individuals. Findings from this research will help BSA and SIIA develop strategies to combat software piracy.


Other faculty that have recently published articles on themes related to business ethics include:

Jeffery Smith (Director, Banta Center for Business, Ethics and Society)

Smith, Jeffery. (2005). Moral Markets and Moral Managers Revisited. Journal of Business Ethics. forthcoming.

Smith, Jeffery (2005). Fairness, Communication and Engagement: New Developments in Stakeholder Theory. Business Ethics Quarterly, forthcoming.

Smith, Jeffery (2004). A Précis of a Communicative Theory of the Firm. Business Ethics: A European Review. 13(4): 317-31.

Hindupur Ramakrishna

Ranjan Kini, Hindupur Ramakrishna, & B.S. Vijayaraman. (2004). Shaping of Moral Intensity Regarding Software Piracy: A Comparison Between Thailand and U.S. Students. Journal of Business Ethics, 49: 91-104.

Kimberly Cass

Cass, Kimberly. (2002). Expert Systems as General-Use Advisory Tools: An Examination of Moral Responsibilty. Business and Professional Ethics Journal, 15(4): 61-85.

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