2006 Award Recipients

In April, 2006, the Banta Center recognized Myrna Benavidez and Craig Beasley as recipients of the 2005 Community Service Award for their ongoing leadership outside the classroom. The Banta Center also recognized Lisa Previte and John Donoghue for their thoughtful submissions that were recognized as recipients of the Case Study Award.

Myrna Benavediz is currently an MBA student and works full time as a management accountant. She has devoted a substantial amount of her time away from work and family to developing, implementing and supporting social service programs for local immigrant communities through her Latter Day Saint congregation. These programs are targeted for women and mothers in the Latino population.

Craig Beasley is a shining example of how business students can use their skills for socially beneficial purposes. His active involvement with public and private education in Redlands is impressive. He has served as a member of school finance committees, developed innovative programs for student learning in his capacity as a member of the local school board and mentored children through athletic competition. Craig graduated in 2006 with an MBA.

John Donoghue's submission, "Ethical Considerations for a Vendor/Consultant" explored the conflicts of interest faced by IT vendors who simultaneously work for firms that hold consulting contracts with their customers. John graduated from the MBA program in 2006 and is currently a GIS consultant in Tucson, AZ. Click here to read John's contribution.

Lisa Previte provided an insightful analysis of the ethics involved in for profit hospital management, in particular the ethical dimensions of a recent decision to open a specialty hospital in Loma Linda, CA, which is owned by physicians and will impact the ability of community hospitals to deliver emergency care. Lisa will be graduating in 2007 with an MBA. Click here to read Lisa's submission, "Restructuring Health Care Reimbursement."

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