Capstone Guide

Greetings! You have accessed information for The Student Guide for the "Analysis and Integration of Business and Management Paper." The newest edition of the Guide is posted here along with a number of other important documents related to your Capstone experience.

You can now begin to get acquainted with the contents and format of what will become your Capstone Paper. As you know, you will write many papers during your program that can contribute to the Capstone Paper in a number of ways. You will ultimately choose four specific course disciplines from the BSB program to use in the development of your Capstone Paper. This paper will be the “culminating experience” of your undergraduate degree.

You will hear from your Capstone instructor several weeks prior to the start of your BUSB 485 course. Becoming more familiar with the Capstone Paper and all of these resources will increase your Capstone comfort and confidence throughout your BSB program.

BSB Capstone Materials


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