MBA Graduates

Students in our MBA program emerge as confident leaders, effective communicators and are ready to inspire teams. Here are a few things recent graduates are saying about their experience in the program:

"Being exposed to professors who are passionate about the subject they teach, and students who take their education seriously, has encouraged me to continue learning, growing, and building relationships that positively impact both, my life, and my family’s life."
--Michelle Gracey, BS in Business '10, MBA '12
Human Resources Representative
Inland Empire Health Plan

"As an Enterprise Applications Software Engineer, I already have a lot of education. The MBA program helped improve my communication and presentation skills, and taught me how to facilitate collaboration between JPL teams to increase operating efficiencies."
--Bakul Lalla, MBA '12
Enterprise Applications Software Engineer
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

“I am the Director of the Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC), aboard Camp Pendleton. The civilian billet equivalent, is a Director of Human Resource that provides military pay and personnel services for over 40,000 Marines. This organization has been directed to consolidate ten Personnel Admin Centers and charged with streamlining processes while reducing our workforce structure of over 500 members by 11%. I have applied the knowledge gained from the Redlands MBA in every aspect of the consolidation initiative. With my MBA, I am better equipped to lead the strategic implementation plan and employ the learned 'best business principles and practices' required for a successful reorganization. I inspire my employees to become positive change agents, with a strong focus on customer service."
--Wayne Roseberry, (GS-13), MBA '08
IPAC Director/PM Manpower
MCB Camp Pendleton

"After working in dead-end jobs in retail and customer service for 8 years, I recently secured employment with the Federal Government as a Computer Specialist with the Department of the Air Force. Even with 10 years of IT experience, I probably would not have been considered for this position without having earned my degree from Redlands."
--Clinton Bowers, BS in Business '11, MBA '14 (expected)
Computer Specialist
Department of the Air Force

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Redlands has 12 recent Fulbright Scholar recipients.

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