Keeping Balance

Alumnus Joseph Baiocco is grateful for the the sense of balance that he found at the School of Business.

Transcript of the video interview:

"I initially learned about the Redlands’ graduate business programs for working adults from my employer. Qualcomm recognizes only a handful of technology programs for their high quality of academics, and the University of Redlands is one of them. I wanted to get a master’s degree in a program that could build my business skills in conjunction with honing my technical skills. My training is in networks and network maintenance; I’m also interested in on-line learning, which requires a blend of business acumen, technical expertise, as well as an understanding of ethical issues. In my master’s program, I’m getting a well-rounded perspective in all of these areas. The faculty also recognizes that I’m juggling work, family and school and have other commitments. I appreciate that the professors are flexible about my schedule, especially when I have to travel for work."

Joseph Baiocco
Master of Science in Interactive Telecommunications
Senior Technical Training Specialist, Qualcomm, Inc. San Diego, California

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