Group Dynamic

Alumnus Rick Capella found that the feedback he received from his group was a powerful tool in improving his management skills.

Transcript of the video interview:

"I never would have never guessed how life-changing it would be to get a master’s degree in management. My education at the University of Redlands has made me the manager that I never would have been. I went through the program with the same student ‘cluster’—14 individuals who met one night per week. In this program, you don’t just learn about group dynamics and interacting with people—you experience it by working, studying and learning with the same group. In addition to receiving constant feedback from faculty and classmates through the school’s 360 degree feedback assessment program, I received feedback where it counts most: my co-workers. They anonymously critiqued me on things such as my decision-making and management style. This was a powerful tool for understanding how I progressed and changed as a manager as I progressed through the program."

Rick Capella
Master of Arts in Management
Human Resource Manager, Home Depot Glendale, California

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