Clear Direction

For Josie Humphrey, the School of Business provided a clear path to her goals.

Transcript of the video interview:

"I went to college after high school but didn’t complete my degree in accounting. Once I had children, I became determined to complete my college degree to reinforce for them the importance of an education. When I enrolled in Redlands’ program for working adults, I was focused and knew that I wanted to study information systems. I went to school only one night each week, which helped with my family schedule. I never had to wait for a class to be available, and the program was completely mapped out for me from day one. I knew what classes I would take when and exactly when I would finish the program. There was always light at the end of the tunnel. Now I have two great part-time jobs, which give me flexibility and uses both my accounting and systems backgrounds. My experience at Redlands was so positive, I encouraged my husband to get a master’s degree there, which he did!"

Josie Humphrey
Bachelor of Science in Information Systems
Accounting Administrator, Dzida, Carey and Steinman Irvine, California
Accountant for the City of Corona Corona, California

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