A Broader View

Melissa McLawhten's education goals were more than met at the School of Business.

Transcript of the video interview:

"At the beginning of my program at Redlands, we were given an assignment to put together a portfolio that summarized our knowledge and experience to date. It was enlightening to assess my career and reflect on where I was professionally. I definitely had many strengths, but I also became aware of my weaknesses and where I needed skill-building. After going through this exercise, I was clear about my goals. I knew exactly what I wanted to get out of my education: a degree that would serve me throughout my working life. The Redlands program in information systems offered me much more than learning how to write code or make a neat website. What I got was a breadth of knowledge in many areas—finance, human resources, communication and leadership, and business management and leading-edge technology. This program taught me how to plan for and manage change."

Melissa McLawhten
Bachelor of Science in Information Systems
Management Analyst/Legal Administrator, U.S. Army Reserve Los Alamitos, California

Athletics are an important part of student life.
softball player

The University softball field was modeled after the one in "Field of Dreams."

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