A Broader View

Melissa McLawhten's education goals were more than met at the School of Business.

Transcript of the video interview:

"At the beginning of my program at Redlands, we were given an assignment to put together a portfolio that summarized our knowledge and experience to date. It was enlightening to assess my career and reflect on where I was professionally. I definitely had many strengths, but I also became aware of my weaknesses and where I needed skill-building. After going through this exercise, I was clear about my goals. I knew exactly what I wanted to get out of my education: a degree that would serve me throughout my working life. The Redlands program in information systems offered me much more than learning how to write code or make a neat website. What I got was a breadth of knowledge in many areas—finance, human resources, communication and leadership, and business management and leading-edge technology. This program taught me how to plan for and manage change."

Melissa McLawhten
Bachelor of Science in Information Systems
Management Analyst/Legal Administrator, U.S. Army Reserve Los Alamitos, California

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