Good Company

Mary Jane Olhasso's peers at the University of Redlands provided insight and support both personally and professionally.

Transcript of the video interview:

"I had an undergraduate degree in accounting and had been working as a CPA for 10 years when I felt it was time to go back to school and upgrade my skills. My classmates at Redlands were from large, dynamic corporations, and I learned so much each week just listening to them. They were an impressive group of people who really supported one another in every way, especially when we changed jobs. While I was in the program, I moved to a new job, and my final Project Practicum [senior paper] was a marketing strategy for my new employer: the City of Ontario. I conducted primary and secondary research and formulated a marketing strategy for the city. My Redlands education directly applied to my new job."

Mary Jane Olhasso
Master of Business Administration
Director of Economic Development, City of Ontario Ontario, California

What started as a freshman prank in 1913?
The giant R

The giant "R" seen on the mountain north of the University that is about one-third the size of the Quad.

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