Everything in Context

At the School of Business, nothing is taught in a vacuum, according to Professor Allison Fraiberg.

Transcript of the video interview:

"One of the aspects of business schools often is that you need to be able to take the stuff you learned that night and put it into use at work the next day. Well that that to me means a lot more than, you know, that latest finance formula you learned or that latest marketing strategy. The strategies and formulas don’t appear in a vacuum, they come to us within contexts. And if a student isn’t ready to understand those information type issues within those contexts of people, then how useful can it be? And I think they can take it to work the next day much more so than simply knowing the formula. If you learn about the context in which that formula appears, I think it’s a lot easier to step into the office the next day."

Allison Fraiberg , Associate professor of English

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