2004-2005 Presentations

All presentations will be located in Hornby Hall, Room 202, unless otherwise noted.

Sept. 10, 2004 - 10 a.m.-Noon
Jim Pick and Julian Ray: School of Business
Topic: "Faculty Tutorial on GIS in Business"

Oct. 1, 2004 - 1-2:30 p.m.
Keith Roberts: School of Business Associate Dean
Topic: "Digital Downloading and Intellectual Property"

Nov. 12, 2004 - 10-11:30 a.m.
Margherita Pagani: Bocconi University, Milan
Topic: "Multimedia and Interactive Digital TV and Mobile and Wireless Systems beyond 3G: Managing new Business Opportunities"

Dec. 3, 2004 - 1-2:30 p.m.
Kimberly Cass: School of Business Faculty
Topic: "Media Transitions"

Judith White: School of Business Faculty
Topic: "The Ethics of Power in Business"

Jan. 7, 2005 - Noon-1:30 p.m. (Bulldog/Och Tamale Room)
Don McCormick: School of Business Faculty
Topic: "Managing Religious Identity in the Workplace"

Jan. 20, 2005 - Noon-1:30 p.m.
Mahmoud Kaboudan: School of Business Faculty
Topic: "AI Forecasting of Exchange Rates"

Feb. 4, 2005 - 1-2:30 p.m.
Peter Bergevin: School of Business Faculty
Topic: "Pension Reporting"

Denise MacNeil: School of Business Faculty
Gender, Culture, and the Evolution of the American Frontier Hero

Feb. 17, 2005 - Noon-1:30 p.m.
Monica Perry: School of Business Faculty
Topic: "Risky Business: Investigating Internet Marketing Alliances"

Jim Spee: School of Business Faculty
Topic: "Alternative Curriculum Models: What We Can Learn from Johnston Center"

March 4, 2005 - 1-2:30 p.m.
James Pick: School of Business Faculty
Topic: "Ethical and Security Aspects of GIS:Framework and Cases"

Hamid Ekbia: College of Arts and Science Faculty
Topic: "Discources of Reliability in Free/Open Source (FOS) Software"

March 17, 2005 - Noon-1:30 p.m.
Dr. Mike Phoenix: ESRI
Topic: "Technology Transfer: A Case Study on Introducing GIS in Bhutan"

April 1, 2005 - 1-2:30 p.m.
Hindupur Ramakrishna: School of Business Faculty
Topic: "Impact of intellectual property discussions on individual perceptions of software piracy"

John Stager: Adjunct Professor
Topic: "GIS in Utilities: Research Opportunities"

April 21, 2005 - Noon-12:45 p.m.
Dwight Zinn: School of Business Faculty
Topic: "Governance for Business Outsourcing"

May 6, 2005 - Noon-1:30 p.m. (Och Tamale/Bulldog Room)
Bill Meehan, ESRI Utility Director
Topic: "GIS in the Utility Industry"

May 19, 2005 - Noon-1:30 p.m.
Lee Bertrand: School of Business Faculty
Topic: "Capstone Program Evaluation Results"

Jerry Platt: School of Business Dean
Topic: "Statistical Bases for Map Reconstructions and Comparisons"

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