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James Pick, Tetsushi Nishida, of University of Redlands and Xi Zhang of Institute of Policy Management, Chinese Academy of Science presented a paper “Economic and Social Influences on Technology Utilization and Availability in China, 2006-2009: A Regression and Spatial Analysis,” at the SIG GlobDev Fourth Annual Workshop, a Pre-Conference of the International Conference on Information Systems in Shanghai, China, in December of 2011.

Avijit Sarkar and Rama Ramakrishna of University of Redlands presented a paper "Applications of GIS in Operations Research: Does GIS Add Value?" at the 42nd Annual Meeting of Decision Sciences Institute, in November 2011 in Boston.

Kimberly Cass and Pete Bergevin of University of Redlands presented a paper “Mapping an Organization’s Intrastate and Interstate Tax Obligations” in a panel on “Taxes and Foreclosures” in October of 2011 at the 34th Applied Geography Conference, held at Esri and University of Redlands.

Mak Kaboudan of University of Redlands presented a paper, "Spatiotemporal Analyses and Forecasts of Residential Home Prices in Southern Cal,” in the University of Redlands/ESRI Colloquium Series in October, 2011.

Professor Rama Ramakrishna, Associate Professor Avijit Sarkar, and B. Vijayaraman of University of Akron published “Infusion of GIS and spatial analysis in business school curricula: A status report,” in the Journal of Informatics Education Research. This paper surveys how U.S. and Canadian business and management schools are incorporating GIS into their curricula.

Professor James Pick and MBA student Tetsushi Nishida published a paper in the Proceedings of
“Determinants of Worldwide Technology Utilization and Availability: A Geospatial and Regression Analysis” n Proceedings of the Hawaiian International Conference on System Sciences, sponsored by the IEEE.

Professor James Pick published a paper, “Web and Mobile Spatial Decision Support as Innovations: Comparison of United States and Hong Kong, China” in Annals of Information Systems, Volume 14, D. Schuff, D. Paradice, F. Burstein, D.J. Power, and R. Sharda (eds), Volume titled Decision Support: An Examination of the DSS Discipline.

How large is the main campus?
160 acres

The campus of the University of Redlands covers 160 acres.