Undergraduate Concentrations

School of Business Undergraduate Concentrations
School of Business students pursuing a BA or BS degree, may complete a concentration in Accounting, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Organizational Leadership, Professional Financial Planning, or Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  Concentrations range from 12-26 units, allowing you to gain specialized training and experience, and fulfill elective course requirements. 

Each concentration is open to any student wishing to pursue specialized coursework.  You may pursue these courses at any time.  Completing the concentration is not a formal requirement for completing your degree.  If you intend to pursue a concentration, but fail to complete all concentration courses prior to graduation, your individual courses may still be counted toward your degree completion requirements. 

You may continue to pursue the concentration courses after completing your degree.  In such a case, you would be awarded a Certificate.

Once you have completed the concentration, your achievement will be recorded by the Registrar.  When you complete your BA or BS degree, your concentration will be noted as part of your degree.  For instance, a BA in Management with a Concentration in Marketing or a BS in Business with a Concentration in Human Resources Management.

Contact your Student Services Manager (SSM) for academic advising assistance.  This will ensure that the courses will apply to your degree.  

For more information, including courses required for each concentration, select from the following options:

Accounting Concentration

Human Resources Management Concentration

Marketing Concentration 

Organizational Leadership Concentration 

Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Concentration 

Professional Financial Planning 

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