Emphasis in Marketing

Courses in the Marketing Emphasis

Marketing has proven to be more and more a crucial functional area for businesses to succeed in today’s competitive environment. The marketing emphasis covers in-depth disciplinary knowledge, including concepts, theories, tools and cases that are essential in pursuing career opportunities in marketing. Students approach the subject from both a theoretical as well as a practical perspective that will allow them to make strategic decisions.

The School of Business MBA emphasis provides an alternative for students to substitute core MBA courses with offerings that focus on:

  • Analyzing business problems from the marketing perspective
  • Exploring marketing concept in the global marketplace
  • Applying marketing analytics to drive strategic decision making
  • Integrating marketing and other functional areas to provide orientation for organizations
MGMT 680 Marketing Management (4 units)
Exploration of crucial aspects of marketing with emphasis on the customer and the marketing mix. Development of analytical and critical thinking skills through case study. Design and assessment of a basic marketing plan.

INTB 694W Global Marketing (4 units)
Exploration and application of marketing concepts to the demands and conditions of the global marketplace. Critical evaluation of the marketing challenges presented by increased exposure of individuals, businesses, and governments to international market forces.  

MGMT 683W Marketing Analytics (4 units)
Examination of the strategic planning process, with emphasis on resource allocation decision driven by marketing analytics. Focus on the use of quantitative and data analysis tools to define optimal marketing mix, perform effective analysis of customers and digital marketing campaigns, as well as integrate spatial thinking in decision making.

MGMT 693W Marketing Strategy (4 units) 
Marketing strategy integrates marketing and other functional areas within the firm. It provides orientation to organizations on how to use resources and capabilities to maximize long-run customer value as well as generate the greatest financial return.

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