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At the University of Redlands School of Business, a current passport and a keen sense of adventure are all you need to enhance your educational journey.  Our faculty encourages all students, alumni and guests to participate in the Study Abroad Program. This year we are offering 4 distinctive two-week courses which are tailored to meet our students' professional and academic interests.  We hope you will consider this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the way you see and understand the world.  For current availability in each travel course please call the office at 909-748-8748.

These courses are meant to replace your Global Business course in your Core program. Guests and alumni are welcome.

2015-16 Study Abroad Programs             

Challenges of Global Business: Cambridge, England  (4 Units)  Trip filling up fast! 10 spots left!
Travel Dates:     April 1 through April 15, 2016

Cost:                 Approximately $4,600 (price subject to change)

Business in the EuroZone - Austria and Italy  (trip is full)
(4 Units) 
Travel Dates:      September 1-15, 2015
Cost:                  Approximately $5,000

This trip is filling up fast! Please call to reserve your spot!

Business Success in a Challenging Economy: (TRIP IS FULL)
Mediterranean Cruise to Spain, Italy, France

(4 units)
Travel Dates:     October 21-November 2, 2015
Cost:                 Approximately $4,000-$4,500

NEW !!
Emerging Business in the Far East: Asian Cruise to Thailand, Cambodia, China
(4 units)  TRIP IS FULL Accepting wait list
Travel Dates:    November 6-November 22, 2015
Cost:                Approximately $5,000-$5,500

Please call Christine Mee for more information at 909-748-8748 or


Spring and fall 2016 trips are not set yet.  Check back around September 2015.

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