Emphasis in Information Systems

The Information Systems Emphasis leverages information technology and systems for creative and effective decision making. Students develop flexibility and capabilities in the face of evolving information technology and systems management.

This School of Business MBA Emphasis provides an alternative for students to add to their core MBA courses with offerings that focus on:

  • Telecommunications policy and the regulation of cyberspace
  • Requirements and consequences of marketing on the Internet
  • The rapidity of change in technology and business processes
  • The alignment of Information Systems with current business needs and objectives

Courses in the Information Systems Emphasis

ISYS 681W Customer Information Strategies
Examines e-Commerce marketing relative to the development and implementation of a comprehensive and integrated marketing strategy. Addresses the Internet as a platform for global interaction with customers and as a means to implement customer information strategies. Substitutes for MGMT 680W Marketing Management.

ISYS 680W Global Information Systems
Analysis of potential opportunities and challenges faced by businesses and IT functions, in particular, in an increasingly technological environment. Emphasis is on legal, regulatory, policy, and global issues. Substitutes for BUAD 655W Global Business.

ISYS 683W Information Systems Strategy Capstone
Capstone seminar that employs Information Systems (IS) perspectives in a synthesis of core MBA and emphasis coursework. Focus is on 1) systems development, 2) the implications of IS issues for business decision makers and 3) the analysis of IS case studies to implement effective responses to business challenges using knowledge and methods in IS and technology. Prerequisite: Either completion of ISYS 680W, ISYS 681W and ISYS 682W or approval of MBA program director. Substitutes for MGMT 697W Strategy Capstone.

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